Why AdvanTag ?

AdvanTag is changing the face of customer loyalty. The loyalty template that most of today's customer loyalty programs follow were designed in the early 1980s. Over the years consumers signed up with more loyalty programs, as they started to realize the economic benefits of participating in those programs. Today, an average American household hold memberships with 18 loyalty programs. Imagine the hassle of maintaining them.

AdvanTag is designed to build a strong emotional connection between the consumers and businesses. The time has come, after 30-something years of the same cookie-cutter, yawn-inducing, and restrictive loyalty programs, for a creative exciting, interactive and easy way for businesses and their customers to mutually benefit from each other. AdvanTag is changing the face of customer loyalty by offering hassle-free creative rewards, raffles, surprises and instant prize redemption to customers, in return for their visits, tweets and shares. Businesses will obtain valuable social media marketing and information about their customers preferences, which allows them to cater their needs better. Customers will always get unusual, creative rewards and surprises popping up along the way. You have nothing to lose, we only offer AdvanTags! Join today!

How does it work ?

  • Register

    Register your account here or at any participating store and receive your unique tag.

  • Check-in

    Just scan your tag every time you visit one of the participating stores in order to check in. Simple Ha!

  • Get Rewards

    Instant rewards awaiting to amaze you. Get more advantages with AdvanTag every time you visit your favorite stores.

Check-in with your mobile as well

AdvanTag is changing the face of customers loyalty. Use one card that shall reward you for your loyalty to many merchants. with AdvanTag mobile you can:

  • Check-in your favorite stores
  • Find advantag businesses
  • Redeem your coupons
  • View your check-in history
Do you own a business ?

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